The Howard County Farm Bureau is a private, non-profit membership organization. It is completely controlled by its members through the democratic process and is financed by voluntary membership dues. It is one of the 23 Maryland county organizations that make up the Maryland Farm Bureau.


The Maryland Farm Bureau’s purpose is to increase net farm income and improve the quality of life by providing a legislative voice, increasing public understanding and promoting member involvement.

A list of Member Benefits available to all county Farm Bureau members can be found at the state Farm Bureau’s website. Benefits include discounted rates on Nationwide Insurance and a variety of other rebates and services.

Please follow this link for a Membership Application Form (in PDF format).

Farm Bureau, the voice of agriculture, is a free, independent, non-governmental voluntary association of farm families and those with related interest.
Farm Bureau is local, statewide, national and international in its scope and influence. It is non-partisan, non-sectarian and non-secret in character. It is organized to provide a means by which farmers can work together toward the goals upon which they agree. It is wholly controlled by its members and is financed by dues covering county, state and national membership, paid annually by each member family.
Farm Bureau policies stem from the people on the land. Farm families discuss issues, talk them over in the community and make recommendations. County resolutions derived from these community recommendations were adopted as policies on county issues and as recommendations on state and national issues to the Maryland Farm Bureau. The policies herein were derived from these county recommendations and became official Maryland Farm Bureau policy for 2005 as set by voting delegates during the 89th annual convention of the Maryland Farm Bureau, December 8, 2004.