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Howard County, Maryland has a total land area of 161,394 acres - of which approximately 25 percent is farmland.

Agriculture is among the top five industries in the county - accounting for more than $200 million in sales each year.


There are 318 farms with an average size of 125 acres.

Howard County's major crops include dairy and livestock, corn and small grains, and hay and pastures. Tree fruit, small fruits, and vegetables add to the farm income. Pick-your-own operations, roadside stands, and on-the-farm markets are important outlets for these commodities.

New emerging agricultural products in Howard County include nursery products, turf, bedding plants, and landscaping materials.


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[Includes details on the 2015 Howard County Farm Bureau Scholarship; 2015 Howard County Farm Bureau Rider Scholarship; and Maryland Farm Bureau 2015 Scholarship.]

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The Howard County Agri-Business "Breakfast for Dinner"

Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

The next Howard County Agri-Business "Breakfast for Dinner" will take place on Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the Dining Hall of the Howard County Fairgrounds. Please mark this new date on your calendar and plan to join us! *Remember this is an Evening event.

Peggy Eppig, with Maryland Agriculture Education Foundation, has been invited to be the guest speaker for this event. Peggy has done work in natural resources education development and farm-based education training and development. She also serves as the state lead for the Aldo Leopold Foundation educational programs in Maryland. In her "other life" she is an agricultural and conservation historian, with an emphasis on early 20th century. Peggy will be speaking, starting at 7:30 on the topic of Farm Based Education Training and Development, so make sure you attend this Agri-Business Breakfast!

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Congratulations 2015
Howard County Farm Bureau
Contest Winners!!!

Miss Howard County Farm Bureau
Jackie Bauer

Little Miss Howard County Farm Bureau
Peyton Hereth

Howard County Future Farmer
Anthony Poston

Please see our March 2015 Newsletter for more information and sponsorship details



PBS: Showcasing Maryland Farming

This video is dedicated to farmers, both past and present who have endured to provide our safe, affordable and abundant food. Please take a minute and thank farmers for all of their efforts.

Show Your Pride in Preservation

By now, you’ve probably seen the beautiful new "Farmland Forever" sign posted on a neighbor’s farm. The sign is available to any property owner whose land is in the Howard County Agricultural Land Preservation Program (ALPP). All you need to do to let others know that you’ve made the commitment to preserve your farm is fill out a form. There will be no cost to program participants for the sign or its installation. The sign is made of aluminum and is 24" x 30" in size, and a sample of what it looks like is on the ALPP website, along with the form. The County will construct the sign post and do the installation.

If you would like to show your pride in preservation, please complete and return the on-line form to Joy Levy, ALPP Administrator, at 3430 Court House Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043. Joy can also be reached at 410-313-5407 or jlevy@howardcountymd.gov The link to the ALPP web page is http://howardcountymd.gov/DPZ/agriculture.htm

Maryland Farm Bureau On-Line Membership Processing

You can go to the Maryland Farm Bureau website and join our organization with a valid credit card. Likewise current members can go to the website and renew their membership, eliminating the need to mail in the renewal notice with a check. Renewing members will need their membership number.

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