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Howard County, Maryland has a total land area of 161,394 acres - of which approximately 25 percent is farmland.

Agriculture is among the top five industries in the county - accounting for more than $200 million in sales each year.


There are 318 farms with an average size of 125 acres.

Howard County's major crops include dairy and livestock, corn and small grains, and hay and pastures. Tree fruit, small fruits, and vegetables add to the farm income. Pick-your-own operations, roadside stands, and on-the-farm markets are important outlets for these commodities.

New emerging agricultural products in Howard County include nursery products, turf, bedding plants, and landscaping materials.


Latest Newsletter

November 2014. A special message from Howie Feaga, President - Howard County Farm Bureau.

This will be the last issue of the Howard County Farm Bureau Newsletter in which Allan Bandel will be serving as editor. He has decided to step aside after 19 years and doing a great job as editor. He first took on that job (temporarily, he thought) in 1996 when Ron Cashdollar was serving as President. Since then, there have been three more county presidents (Phil Jones, Charlie Feaga, and now me).

I canít tell you how enjoyable it has been to read the information he assembled, especially some of the stories he published in the Newsletter about his life growing up in rural Howard County. I find many of them easy for me to relate to since we were close neighbors for many years. I well remember some of the characters in the stories that he has frequently written about.

Allan usually improved my "Message to Members" articles by correcting my grammar and rearranging some of my sentences so that you can better understand the points that I was trying to convey. I want to wish him well as I know you all will too. Take care, Allan, and "thanks for putting some of your memories" in print to share with the rest of us. Perhaps we can prevail upon you occasionally in the future to share a few more of those stories with us.

Howie Feaga, President - Howard County Farm Bureau

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If you would prefer to receive your monthly meeting reminders by the much more economical e-mail route, then please inform Leslie Bauer at Labauer5@verizon.net

Howard County Economic Development Authority - Agriculture Pages

Maryland Professional Lawn Care Manual

Presidentís Message - November 2014


Important Announcement

The Howard County Agri-Business "Breakfast for Dinner" is scheduled for
7:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 19, 2014
in the Dining Hall at the Howard County Fairgrounds. Please note the New Meeting Time of Day!! You asked for a change and we listened. Now come out and join us for "breakfast" at dinner.


Katelin Johnson
2014 Miss Howard County Farm Bureau

Jillian Morgan
2014 Little Miss Howard County Farm Bureau

Erik Jacob
2014 Future Howard County Farmer

For more, please see our
September 2014 Newsletter

"Little Miss" Jillian Morgan and "Future Farmer" Erik Jacob. Back row, left to right: Tess Janson; Jennifer Carroll; Katelin Johnson, "2014 Miss Howard County Farm Bureau" (with ceremonial straw hat and silver plate award); and Jackie Bauer, "First Alternate".

2014 contestant, Jennifer Carroll listens intently, as reigning "2013 Miss Howard County Farm Bureau", Laura Thomas of Ellicott City, highlights some of her interesting activities during the past year while representing Farm Bureau and promoting Maryland agriculture. Laura was last yearís second runner up in the state contest. She closed her remarks with some inspiring words of encouragement for the 2014 Howard County contestants.


Please join us at one of the nine Howard County elementary schools scheduled to participate in Days of Taste, an educational program that the Howard County Farm Bureau has generously agreed to support in 2014.

Fourth graders will experience the good taste of fresh fruits and vegetables under the guidance of a local chef as well as learn where their food comes from during a visit to a local farm. Efforts to encourage elementary school studentsí selection of fresh foods over processed foods is one way to improve their eating habits and reduce the problem of overweight/obesity which affects 1 in 4 Howard County children under the age of 18 years.

Learn More & See Schedule in the May 2014 Newsletter

PBS: Showcasing Maryland Farming

This video is dedicated to farmers, both past and present who have endured to provide our safe, affordable and abundant food. Please take a minute and thank farmers for all of their efforts.

Show Your Pride in Preservation

By now, youíve probably seen the beautiful new "Farmland Forever" sign posted on a neighborís farm. The sign is available to any property owner whose land is in the Howard County Agricultural Land Preservation Program (ALPP). All you need to do to let others know that youíve made the commitment to preserve your farm is fill out a form. There will be no cost to program participants for the sign or its installation. The sign is made of aluminum and is 24" x 30" in size, and a sample of what it looks like is on the ALPP website, along with the form. The County will construct the sign post and do the installation.

If you would like to show your pride in preservation, please complete and return the on-line form to Joy Levy, ALPP Administrator, at 3430 Court House Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043. Joy can also be reached at 410-313-5407 or jlevy@howardcountymd.gov The link to the ALPP web page is http://howardcountymd.gov/DPZ/agriculture.htm

Maryland Farm Bureau On-Line Membership Processing

You can go to the Maryland Farm Bureau website and join our organization with a valid credit card. Likewise current members can go to the website and renew their membership, eliminating the need to mail in the renewal notice with a check. Renewing members will need their membership number.

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